Green Printing

Being green is no longer a marketing trend; today it is a must

LBF Group offers a wide variety of recycled papers that contain up to 100% recycled materials, including 100% post-consumer content. We also carry papers that are non-bleached and chlorine free, and stock these locally so that printing can be achieved in an environmentally friendly process, avoiding delays.

We make every effort to provide our clients with high quality printing while respecting the environment and minimizing waste and pollution. We are committed to “eco- friendly solutions” and have implemented the following procedures in production:

  • Use only soy or vegetable based inks on our presses
  • Environmentally friendly fountain solutions and press washes with very low VOC
  • Direct to plate process eliminates harmful chemicals
  • Recycle as much of our paper waste as possible
  • 95% of all the coating we use on press is water based
  • Licensed contractors haul away and treat our ink waste
  • Digital presses utilize organically grown dry ink, completely non-toxic
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To learn more about green printing, please visit the following resource: