While arguments to the benefits of print vs. digital will never fully subside, it is clear that both have a strong impact, especially when used together. One thing that leaves no question, however, is that a strong print ad campaign must set itself apart from the overflow of media we are accustomed to seeing every day. How can you ensure your print material stands out amongst a jumble of advertising?

  1. Incorporate innovative print techniques to set your brand apart and create a lasting impression.
  2. Engage with customers personally by including variable data on print material.
  3. Use direct mailing to target potential customers or maintain relationships with current customers.
  4. Create a tactile experience using different finishing and embellishments.
  5. Encourage customers to keep your print material by adding coupons or discount codes.
Innovative Print Techniques

Newly added to our digital production stream is the Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology from Xerox®. This allows us to increase impact on ordinary print jobs, without adding excessive cost or turnaround time. We can now print digitally with White, Clear, Metallic Gold and Silver, and UV Fluorescent specialty toners! This is an easy way to enhance your current print designs and create eye-catching results.

Variable Data

LBF Group is proud to offer customers a way to personalize any print job with targeted names, images, and graphics relevant to the recipient. This addition is extremely useful for brands targeting younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) who find direct mail entertaining and prefer personalized marketing.

Direct Mailing

Direct mailings are a perfect to pair to our Variable data technology and allows us to streamline your direct mailing campaign. LBF Group is able to help you with every aspect of your next direct mailing from designing the print material to addressing, barcoding and of course – mailing!

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Finishing and Embellishments

A tactile paper-based experience can enhance a customer’s concentration on your printed ad, allowing them to absorb more of the information and retain it for later use. But before a customer chooses to interact with your ad, they need to be drawn to it by other means. That’s where special finishing and embellishments shine! Print material with a unique fold, intricate die cut or added texture with embossing or foiling are much more likely to grab attention and add value.

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Coupons and Discounts

Creating eye-catching marketing material is one thing; adding something special for the recipient steps it up a level! Consider adding a tear-away coupon to your next mailer, include a targeted discount code to draw customers to your online services or reward them for their prior engagement with your brand.